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Required documents to work in Spain

Required documents to work in Spain

To work in Barcelona, it is essential to note that companies need your Social Security Number so you can contribute and gain access to medical care.

To achieve this, it will not be easy as you will first need a NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero / Foreigner Identification Number), a document that must be obtained at the “Oficina de Extranjeros” or “Foreigner’s Office “.

With a NIE you can technically go to a social security office and apply for your number, but it’s also highly recommended that you register to be included on the Municipal Census on which all official citizens are listed. The process is enumeration, or as the Spanish call it; “Empadronamiento“. Once you have your NIE and your Certificate of Enumeration, you’re all legally set for pretty much anything, from Social Security to getting a library card.



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