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Health Advice

Obviously one important aspect that the prudent will want to resolve as swiftly as possible is your health coverage. Whilst your European Health Insurance Card will cover you in the short term, it is intended to be used for emergencies by those travelling, and not for those who are relocating to Spain. To access the […]

Food & Drink

Spanish food is world famous, and after the weather many would put the local cuisine as one of the main reasons for relocating to Spain. Tapas is the most famous, but is in fact a style of cuisine rather than a specific type of dish – anything served in small portions designed to be shared […]

Lifestyle and Leisure

For many people the chance to live in Barcelona is motivation enough, above any financial rewards, and indeed many expats leave well-paid jobs in their home countries to take up less well-paid positions in Spain… but few complain about having a bit less cash to play with. When the sun shines (virtually) every day and […]

Expat Life in Barcelona

So you’ve decided to up sticks and move to balmy Barcelona? Well who could blame you! With its stunning Modernista archictecture, courtesy of Gaudi and co., the lifestyle of eating tapas al fresco and drinking Cava and cocktails until dawn, and of course the beautiful array of beaches and reliably good weather, Barcelona offers a quality of life that many Northern Europeans can only […]

The Basis for Working to Barcelona

It goes without saying that if you want the most options for working in Barcelona, then almost always you will need to know Spanish. You will definitely impress potential employers here if you know Catalan too (the official language of Catalonia of which Barcelona is the capital), although a smaller percentage of jobs have this as a requirement… […]

Required documents to work in Spain

To work in Barcelona, it is essential to note that companies need your Social Security Number so you can contribute and gain access to medical care. To achieve this, it will not be easy as you will first need a NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero / Foreigner Identification Number), a document that must be obtained at the […]